About me

I’m Britta, a freelance illustrator, designer and artist living and working in Aachen, Germany. My work is inspired by stories, fairy tales and every day life.

I received my illustration and design diploma in 2015 and have been working in this field ever since, creating story-driven illustrations and designs for my clients.

If I can help you with your project, you want to hire me or just say hi, let me know!


How to work with me

I’m looking forward to your e-mail. Please include your brief (illustration needs), timeline and the budget you are working with. I will try to reply within 3-4 hours; the latest you will hear from me will be the next day.

Business Hours: Monday to Friday 9:00 am – 4:00 pm GMT

Once we complete our introductory email exchange what you can expect from me:

a) 2 to 3 Sketches (normally in black and white)
b) A sketch is chosen – this is where most of the revision should be discussed. Usually two revisions are included.
c) Final artwork sent – at this stage, minor revisions can be done. Any major revisions will be billed hourly.

Exceptions for sketches and revisions are made to larger-scale projects requiring a more in-depth approval process.